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What are the differences between Capitalism, Socialism and Unchecked Capitalism?

Socialism is a form of government where the government controls the market system. The government tells you whether you can start a business or not. It tells you what you can make, how much of it to make, what the price of your product will be and what your profit will be. The government is the dictator, business is the follower.

Capitalism is a form of government where government allows businesses to make their own decisions regarding what to make, how much to make and what the price and profits will be. Businesses are allowed to succeed or fail based on their own decisions. The government and business are supposed to maintain a healthy “hands off” approach to each other.

Unchecked Capitalism exists when businesses get so large, profitable and powerful that they dictate policies to the government and the government does what is told of them. Corporation’s profits become so extreme that they are able to lobby, bribe, and donate to a campaign to insure that their interests (not the voter’s interest) are met. Large corporations become the dictator, the government becomes weak and follows corporation’s demands.

In fact, as the Great Recession showed us in 2008, we often have a reverse form of socialism in this country when the government has to bail out and restore the “too big to fail” banks and investment houses. The government used taxpayer money to bail out Wall Street for the problems they alone caused; a bailout which enabled these overpaid execs to continue to take advantage of and cheat the American public to this day. The government is too weak to break up these huge calcified banks with their lack of ethics and morals.

We need to recognize the need to better tax and regulate large corporations and their ultra wealthy executives. We need to eliminate corporate lobbying in Washington. Only by doing that will be able to return our nation to a democratic society that allows businesses to succeed or fail on their own without bailouts from the government and without lobbyists, bribes and donations from corporations.

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