The Coronavirus

There are eight elements, (or systems) in our nation that if healthy, could have mitigated if not outright controlled the coronavirus before it spread.

However, “out of control” capitalism has infected every single element that could have protected us. We now have more coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths than in any other country.

Go to Chapter Ten in our book to see in detail how unchecked capitalism has destroyed these eight elements in our nation:

  • Hospitals are now profit centers
  • The loss of US manufacturers
  • Our National Stockpiles have old and rotted equipment
  • Health care still unavailable for millions of people
  • Corporate greed pushed government inaction early on
  • Food production problems may get worse
  • Premature push to open up businesses back up
  • Stupidity/inexperience of Government Department Heads

Every one of these systems have been taken over by special interests and operate for the benefit of themselves, not the American People.

Chapter Ten in the book describes each of these elements in more detail and describes how these systems have failed us. The book also shows what each of us can do to start to better control unchecked capitalism!